Mike's Knee Board Sheet
Produce a kneeboard sheet customized for your origination and destination airports, using current FAA airport data and Aviation Weather Center data (METARS and TAFs). Format designed for training or cross country flights.

Instructions: Enter 3 or 4 character airport codes (e.g. KRYY or RYY), enter optional notes, click "Display Sheet", review/print PDF.
PDF will generate half page sheet designed to be folded down center. METARS will print at top of right half sheet.
Optionally add one or more en route airport codes to include additional frequency lines at bottom of notes block.
Important: When printing PDFs, make sure print option "Page Scaling" is set to "None" to ensure proper alignment.
Date:             Plane ( ): 
Origin code:     Print:               
Destination code:     Include:               
Takeoff Brief: 
Left Sheet Notes: 
Text options for left sheet "Notes" -    Size
En route codes:    Optionally enter airport codes to add frequency line at bottom of notes block
Right Sheet Notes: 
Text options for right sheet "Notes" -    Size
Data sources:
Airport data sourced directly from FAA Aeronautical Data. See example here: KRYY
METARS sourced from Aviation Weather Center (aviationweather.gov). See example here: KRYY - XML