Mikes Knee Board Sheet
Instructions: Enter 3 or 4 character airport codes (e.g. KRYY or RYY), enter optional notes, click "Display Sheet",
review/print PDF. PDF will generate half page sheet designed to be folded down center. METARS will print at top of right half sheet.
Separate en route airport codes by a space to include additional frequency lines at bottom of notes block.
Important: When printing PDFs, make sure print option "Page Scaling" is set to "None" to ensure proper alignment.
Date:             Plane: 
Origin code:     Include:               
Destination code:     Include:               
Takeoff Brief: 
Left Sheet Notes: 
Text options for left sheet "Notes" -    Size
En route codes:    Optionally enter airport codes to add frequency line at bottom of notes block
Right Sheet Notes: 
Text options for right sheet "Notes" -    Size